Effective Impulse Customer Targeting with Store Signs

Pamphlet holder

There are a lot of methods and strategies to creating a successful marketing plan. Marketing is the act of branding your product or service and informing potential customers of it. External marketing includes things like social media, print mailings, and media publications. Internal marketing are your advertising things that are placed inside of the door. Rather than having a goal of pushing the companies? brand, the intention is to push a specific product or service.

In store flyers
In store flyers are often used to promote a specific item or current sale. The in store flyer may be similar to an external one, but is given to customers inside of the store to inform them of the sale. Sometimes, the in store flyers contain coupons or additional discounts, further encouraging customers to pay attention to them and take advantage of the deal. Display flyer holders are a great way to get these into customer?s hands, without having to dedicate an employee to individually handing them out. Flyers can also be placed in display racks along the store.

Door sign holders
Door sign holders can be used for a similar purpose to display racks with flyers, but they tend to grab more attention, because they are located right where customers enter the store. Many business owners use door sign holders for business hours and other important store information, but there are more effective marketing methods available to take advantage of this area. For example, this is a great place to advertise store sales, upcoming sales, and new products. Shoppers make 82% of their purchase decisions in the store. This is the perfect opportunity to further influence their buying choices.

Window signs
Window signs work in an external, yet internal method. When you send external customers flyers or print mailing, you are not only asking them to shop at your store, but you are also asking them to commute there. If the store is out of their driving distance or is in an area that they do not often frequent, you are unlikely to gain their business. Window signs attract new customers to the business, but they attract customers who are already frequenting the area. You can display these ads with display racks, floor sign holders, or acrylic window mounting signs. Just remember to use sizing, colors, and images that catch potential customer?s attention as they walk or drive by.

Specific product signage
Between 6 and 10 purchases in a store can be classified as impulse purchases. People are often influenced to make impulse purchases because of a sign. It does not even matter if the sign is advertising a sale or discounted price. The simple addition of a sign can increase sales of the product. Several studies, including one from Brigham Young University showed that merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by 80%. Creating signs that are specific to the product can increase this amount even more. Using deli signage to push unsold meats can prevent foods from going to waste. Clothing advertisement signs can push clothing products before they go out of season. Customize your specific product signage around the types of products and services that your business sells.

Signs are considered to be one of the most effective forms of marketing. They work in a unique way, often encouraging customers to make impulse purchases. The great thing about in store marketing signs is that the customer has already made the decision to shop at that place. You do not have to convince them to visit your store, instead, convincing them to make additional purchases with your sign display racks.

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