How to Add Canadian Employees to Your Business

Payroll solutions

Most small businesses are constantly looking for ways to save money. They may do certain tasks like employee payrolls calculations, tax deductions and human resource tasks in house. However, once the business grows and expands to multiple locations, these tasks quickly become a full time job. With additional locations and businesses under the same business owner, errors become greater and risk is much higher. A simple mistake can turn into thousands of dollars and wasted time. As a business begins to grow, it is important to hand these tasks off to a professional company that can ensure they are being handled properly.

In addition to payroll services, a payroll provider can offer HR management, ESA and OHSA compliance and government remittances. All of these laws and regulations become more important when more than one business or when a larger business is the subject. Payroll software for multiple companies can ensure that these larger companies are abiding by all of these set regulations.

Outsourcing payroll can also offer many benefits for the business owner. When you outsource the tasks of employee payroll and human resources jobs, you are left with more time to continue to expand your business. You can focus on more important tasks of being the owner, including marketing and staffing. You can spend a significant less amount of time behind closed doors, figuring out employee payroll, calculate payroll taxes and submitting federal income tax payroll deductions. Payroll software for multiple companies also ensures that all of your businesses are running properly and in the same way.

When you outsource your payroll and tax deduction services, you may also have the ability to hire employees from other countries. This allows you to expand your business into other countries. The best software for multiple companies is also able to handle across country paperwork and documents. For example, a business owner who primarily operates in the United States may find benefit in expanding their business to Canada. Canada is close and it is relatively easy to transport goods and services to Canada. However, Canadian payroll deductions and human resources of Canadians may be tricky.

There are over 190 regulatory legislative requirements when it comes to payroll processing in Canada. It would be very difficult for a business owner residing in the United States to be familiar with all of these regulations. They would spend many hours attempting to correctly calculate this information. An outsourced payroll company that is familiar with Canadian laws can reduce these times and prevent errors from occurring. U.S. firms can easily make potentially very costly mistakes managing and paying their Canadian employees by inappropriately relying on erroneous practices and misinformation.

The best payroll service is one that is able to handle multiple businesses and is able to handle payroll services across countries. The payroll company that you choose should be familiar with these other countries, prior to handling the human resource and payroll information for them. It may also be beneficial for a company to find a payroll business that is able to serve multiple countries. This leaves expansion room open in countries beyond that of Canada. Payroll software for multiple companies should be able to include additional countries.

Many things change as a small business begins to grow and expand. Tasks that were once done in house, like human resources and payroll services require more care and detail. This is especially true is the expansion includes different countries. An outsourced payroll company can provide services for a business that wishes to expand to multiple locations or to a different country. It is important to outsource these tasks as different countries have different HR and employee payroll rules. A company that violates one of these rules or regulations, even due to misinformation can be fined and will waste a lot of time attempting to fix their error. Payroll software for multiple companies can help reduce that error and allow businesses to expand to other countries.

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