How to Save Money Making Your Own No Grain Dog Food

You can make your no grain dog food by mashing up food from other sources that your dog will eat. Most people find this to be too burdensome to bother with, but others understand that they can save some money doing so.

Certain types of no-grain dog food have become quite expensive to purchase off the shelves, leading many to decide that they should at least consider making their dog food at home to save a little money here there. Many decide to go with exactly that option, and you can do so to cut down on your dog food bill.

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You might want to hold on to scraps of food that you aren’t serving to your family. Any food that might have otherwise ended up in the trash might be included in a mash you make for your dog. The biggest thing to remember is that you must ensure you don’t serve the dog any kind of human food that could be harmful to them. This means that chocolate, grapes, onions, and more are out. Always make sure the food won’t harm including it. If you aren’t sure, call your vet.


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