Learn How to Save Money By Cleaning Your Wedding Dress at Home

In this video, you will learn about wedding dress cleanings by yourself so that you can save yourself some money. Through this, you can easily save a ton of money that you will have to spend on your dry-cleaning service. The things that you’ll need for cleaning include a blow-drier, a sink, towel, storage, hand-soap and finally your wedding dress.

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Using a hand soap in this procedure was learnt during working in the bridal shop which speaks for its assurance. But the important thing is to use a clear or white soap instead of a colored one. A powder detergent is not used as it is rough on the fabric. It is also important to see the care label on the dress before starting to wash it. You can do your wedding dress cleanings starting simply by adding water and soap to the dress.
After applying the soap, you can then massage it thoroughly. After massaging, the next step is to rinse the dress with water. Consequently, all the soap and dirt will wash out. Later on, if you have a lacey dress, then the next thing that you need to do is wash the netted part.
After all the washing is done, you can hang the dress with a hanger and start blow drying it on normal heat so that it can start to dry. If it seems much of a work, then you also simply set up a fan towards the dress which will dry it up overnight.

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