Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

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Commercial real estate can be a great investment. However, prior to purchasing any kind of commercial real estate, you will want to do some research and take several things into account. First of all, you will to consider the physical condition of the building. You will need to consider how the property was used, what kind of condition the property is generally in, and whether there are any environmental issues or potential liability issues, such as asbestos or lead paint. You will need to consider what kind of building the building is and what kind of use the building is zoned for, such as whether it is a commercial building or an industrial building. You also need to consider what kind of limitations, if any, are placed on the property. Whether due to zoning laws or building codes or covenants, there may be limits to changes or alterations you can make to the property. For example, often times if a building is historic there are limits on the kinds of changes you can make as to preserve the original, historical integrity of the building. It can also be a good idea to make sure the building can be expanded or renovated to adequately meet your needs.

If you want to purchase commercial real estate, the first step is finding a realtor. If your are looking for real estate, such as commercial real estate, or if you are looking for a real estate developer, consider American Real Estate Partners. American Real Estate Partners is a fully integrated, privately held, real estate investment company. American Real Estate Partners specifically focuses on commercial real estate assets and real estate financial instruments in the major markets along the Eastern coast of the United States. Ultimately, purchasing commercial real estate can be a complex process. American Real Estate Partners can help to guide you through this complex and difficult process.
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