Save Money Without Being a Scrooge

Save money ideas

There are a lot of ways to cut your spending and save money ideas. And you can do so without turning into a frugal miser, too. A best way to save money, say financial advisors and experts, is to first make a budget. Include everything you spend your money on in your budget; groceries, utilities, gasoline, dog food, trips to the hair salon, you name it. Once you identify which expenses are necessary and need to be paid, you can then eliminate the extras that do not need to be paid. For example, you have to pay your electric bill, but do you have to pay for cable? You need to buy coffee, but save money ideas can suggest you make your own coffee as opposed to going through the local coffee house drive through. This method of save money ideas could cut your expenses anywhere from 10 to 20 percent, or more!

Other helpful how to save money ideas from financial gurus include paying off your debt. When your debts are paid off, take that same amount you were paying each month and put it into a savings account or a retirement account. Retirement accounts such as IRAs and Roth IRAs are recommended, as are 401(k)s, if your employer offers one.

More save money ideas include shopping for deals with your monthly bills. You can not cancel your car insurance, but you can call your insurance company and ask if there are any adjustments to your policy that will make your premium cheaper. Cal your credit card company and ask them to drop their annual fee. Or call your cable company and ask them if they have any current promotions for current customers. It does not hurt to ask, and you never know, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars right off the bat!

Last but not least, more save money ideas could be as simple as writing a shopping list and packing your lunch. If you stick to what is written on your grocery shopping list, it will help steer you from making impulse purchases. And if you pack a lunch two or three times a week, that could save you $50 weekly.

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