The Unique Advantages of Laser Cheques

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Cheques are said to have been around since the first century, when the ancient Romans would use praescriptiones, considered an early form of cheque, as payment for services rendered and for specific products. But they first were used by the Mediterraneans even before then, in 1000 AD and before, when written documents were utilized as a form of payment to vendors and merchants. For centuries, this was the way cheques were handled and the way transactions were performed. Then, in 1830, the world’s first cheque book was created by the Bank of England, consisting of groupings of 50 cheques, 100 cheques, or 200 cheques that were bound and sewn together. This has changed the cheque writing game for the better.

Today of course life is different, and laser cheques are on the rise as a much more viable solution for companies. A laser cheque is unique in that it allows for the nicest customization ever seen on a cheque. Whereas a traditional cheque might allow a person or company to write in information, with laser cheques the professionalism is upped and the company all of a sudden looks more successful and professional. Handwritten laser cheques with custom logos bring these cheques up to a completely new level too, enhancing what clients already possibly thought about these companies before. They add professionalism and throw in a splash of a personal touch to look perfect.

With laser cheques, safety issues are a thing of the past because these laser cheques are designed specifically to ward against theft. The Canada Post reported in 2010 that there were 3,277 mailbox thefts, mostly the theft of cheques. Personalized cheques that used lasers are more secure and more preventable against fraud than their regular counterparts, and companies ordering cheques hope to do so to help bring these numbers down and keep people from trying to steal cheques out of mailboxes.

Also with laser cheques, ordering is pretty simple. So a customer could easily place a Davis and Henderson cheque order over the phone or online and get cheques delivered within a few business days. Davis and henderson cheques are largely considered the gold standard of laser cheques, so a large majority of Canadian customers both in business and needing cheques for personal reasons pick the company when placing their orders due to its fast turn around, its great service, and its high quality of laser cheques.
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