Three things that set American Real Estate Partners apart from other real estate development companies

Douglas fleit

The most important thing to consider when investing in real estate property is the company to trust. This is particularly important for individuals who put their money on a property with the hope that it is the wisest financial decision that they have made. Whether they are buying their home or a small property to retire to later in life or whether they are planning to start a new business on a commercial real estate property, finding the right real estate company can make all their hopes and dreams come true. On the other hand with the right real estate development company, buyers will enjoy the benefits of their investment. All in all, it all depends on the company you trust. One example of a company that has been trusted over the years is American Real Estate Partners. Here are three things you should know about Douglas E Fleit and American Real Estate Partners and what sets them apart from other real estate development companies.

First, American Real Estate Partners, as headed by CEO and co founder Douglas E Fleit, is one of the trusted names in the industry because it offers properties that offer values to the buyers, investors and other stakeholders. It competes honestly by offering real estate assets that meet the needs of their market. Over the years, following the leadership of Douglas E Fleit, the company was honest in its dealings and offerings. The company enjoyed tremendous growth and have acquired around $1.8 billion properties in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Baltimore and Raleigh Durham because the co founders Douglas E Fleit and Brian L Katz, who is the President and Chief Operating Officer, vowed to use their expertise and skills in real estate in the acquisition and development of properties. Douglas e. fleit and Brian L. Katz, were honest and expert hard workers so the company grew without resorting to any misdealing and misrepresentation.

Second, Douglas E Fleit has been a tower of strength and a role model. Douglas fleit believes in the value of integrity and professionalism. He has been in real estate for decades and worked his way to the top. Prior to establishing American Real Estate Partners, he was an important member of the Commercial Brokerage Group of Cushman and Wakefield. He was the Executive Vice President of the CandW but Douglas E Fleit is mostly remembered by the company for having founded their Washington DC operations. That was in 1981 but when you say Douglas E Fleit, many fondly remember his guidance and vision which helped the company to be recognized both regionally and nationally.

Third, Douglas E Fleit initiated the same values at American Real Estate Partners. The company ensures that the business provides value to its investors and partners. This includes the principals and senior executives and every staff. They work hard in bringing the quality properties in the market.

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