What Is a Private Elementary School Like Compared to Public School?

The best private elementary schools will differ from public schools in several key ways. This isn’t to say that one is superior to the other, but it’s important to have as much knowledge as possible before deciding how to start your child’s education. Let’s review a few key differences between public and private elementary schools.

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Class size is one of the most prominent differences between private schools and public schools. The typical private school will only have about 12 to 16 students per classroom. This is an important educational tool that allows teachers to give their students more individualized attention if they’re struggling. No one child learns in exactly the same way, so getting individualized instruction from a teacher can be a huge boon to academic success.

It’s also important to note that private schools tend to go above and beyond the required curriculum covered by public schools. You’ll likely find more opportunities for leadership development, career counseling, and more at a private school. Classes that focus on philosophical theory and other less concrete concepts are also common.


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