When You’re Between a Rock and a Hard Place Try Getting Approved for Pre-Settlement Cash

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It seems like the standard of living gets higher every year and that for an ever increasing percentage of the population, it can be tough to keep up with costs. Statistics show that more than 40% of Americans spend more than they earn and over 75% of families are living paycheck to paycheck. Over 60% of Americans aren’t prepared for unexpected emergencies, which can impact them hard. And while there are tons of resources online and physical businesses that focus on helping people balance their budgets and cut cost, there’s not so much guidance for how to manage your finances when your income takes a sudden hit from an emergency. What do you do if you do run into some sort of emergency that doesn’t allow you to work or ties you up in legal battles?
Let’s look at one scenario. An accident at work leaves you unable to go in every day. You’re laid off and your bills are accruing rapidly, especially since you’ve had to go to the hospital. You file a lawsuit for worker compensation and look like you’re going to win, but in the meantime, those bills are racking up. What do you do? One great option is to seek a pre-settlement cash advance. There are certain steps you have to go through to get approved for pre-settlement cash, but it can be worth it in the end for your peace of mind.
What Is A Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Anyway?
If you’re engaged with a lawsuit and need money for expenses, like legal fees, medical care, or other such financial obligations, you can try and get cash for your settlement through a pre-settlement cash advance. A funding program will review your case and your claim and depending on how good the case seems to be and the risk, the program will advance you a sum of money to cover those expenses. You’ll of course have to get approved for pre-settlement cash, but if you’re in a medical malpractice suit, a serious slip or fall accident, etc., it’s highly likely you’ll be granted one. Do keep in mind this is not a quick cash option nor will it help you eliminate debt. What it will help you do however, is get through the trial until everything is resolved, and keep you from getting into further debt.
Why Should I Try to Get Approved for Pre-Settlement Cash?
If you are approved for pre-settlement cash advances, you get money to keep your case going and pay for any medical expenses until things resolve. It’s definitely a last resort measure, but if you’re desperate and can make a good case, it’s worth a try. You also don’t necessarily have to pay the funding program back if you lose the lawsuit — which is known as a non-recourse program. If you win the lawsuit of course, you owe the program the money they lent you. The money can be doled out as a percentage or as a flat fee, depending on your need. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for for these things amidst the other more pressing issues surrounding you, so it’s a definite weight off your mind.
How Do I Get Approved for Pre-Settlement Cash?
First of all, you’ll need to be involved in a specific kind of case. Personal injury cases (that includes accidents involving motor vehicles or medical malpractice suits), general, product, or premise liability, and wrongful death are all good examples of cases that will probably get you approved for this type of advance. You and your attorney should both look over documents carefully before signing and make sure the option you’re pursuing is the best one for your case. Be prepared to turn over police reports and medical reports to the funding program, as they’ll use those to evaluate your case as well.
If you feel stuck and need money now, try applying for a pre-settlement cash advance. You don’t need the financial burden (and the emotional burden of worrying about your finances) on top of everything else you’re going through.

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