7 Things You Should Never Say to a Contractor

Clients hire contractors to complete a project and the contractors are responsible for providing labor, equipment, and materials. When you’re looking to hire a contractor, there are certain things you shouldn’t say to them. The attached video advises what topics you should never discuss with a contractor.

1. You Are the Only One

Never let a contractor know he’s the only one you’ve identified to hire. Get a few more bids and ask them to separate material and labor costs.

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2. Budget

Never tell them your budget. They will inflate costs accordingly.

3. Discount for Upfront Payment

Never pay a contractor the full amount upfront in return for a discount.

4. Provide Deadlines

Never say you are not in a hurry. They’ll take a very long time to finish the job.

5. Materials

Never tell the contractor to choose the materials. You choose the materials.

6. Cheap Labor

If the contractor offers non-qualified people to do the job, don’t allow it. You’ll incur liability costs in case of injuries.

7. Avoid a Gentleman’s Agreement

Never handshake on the agreement. Always get a contract in writing to avoid future disputes.

By following these seven tips, you’ll have more luck dealing with contractors.


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