Finding the Best Price for Gold by Going Undercover

Are you interested in selling your old gold jewelry for cash? You might be surprised by how much it could be worth, but it’s important to know that not every gold buyer will pay you the same amount for it. Gold buyers are in the know about the current value of pure gold, and they will check over your jewelry to verify its purity and weight. Using this information, they will give you a price. But how will you know if you got a good deal?

In the video posted here, the host goes undercover and gets prices for their gold from several different gold buyers and jewelers in the area. They used gold that they obtained from a professional buyer and collector, and he priced it at $6000.

Video Source

With that price in mind, they compared the prices they were offered at each store.

The lowest offer they received was only 42% of the value of the gold they had. The highest offer was 85% of the value of the gold. With such a huge price variation, viewers wonder how they can be sure they get a good deal. The best things you can do are to take your gold to multiple buyers before choosing one or to research the current value of your jewelry. This way, you should get the highest prices paid for gold and diamonds.

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