Using Server Hosting Services vs Building Your Own

Dedicated Minecraft players often look for ways to save money while playing their favorite game. Instead of paying for Minecraft serving hosting, many players have turned to hosting their own server. It not only saves money but can also increase the game’s performance. We’ve created a video to help clarify the advantages and disadvantages of building a server.

Are home servers really necessary?

Active gamers often prefer to stay away from public servers, in part due to the increased chance of denial of service attacks and spam.

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Home hosting is an affordable way to ensure regular access to the data saved on the server and to control those all-important security factors.

How much does it cost to build a server?

Many people find that they can build a perfectly reasonable server for anywhere from $25. Spending more permits upgrades that will increase speed, performance, and safety.

What kind of software do I need?

Windows works well for most Minecraft server hosting services. For those interested in creating more advanced servers, there are tons of control panels available to choose from.

What’s the most powerful upgrade for the money?

Faster processors are a great update — and they’re often relatively inexpensive. Consider purchasing an SSD drive to improve performance and speed. Most processor updates cost less than $50.

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