These Plumbing Tips Could Save You Time and Money

Plumbing seems like a mysterious world to many of us. At the first sign of a leak, we call our trusted local plumber to come to the rescue. While this is never a bad idea, there are also plenty of times where you we could do the job on our own.

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This could mean saving money and time if done correctly. In this video, you will learn a few tips to save time and money by doing your own plumbing.

The first tip is particularly useful if you have a clogged drain. Take a cable tie and cut zig-zags into the tie on both sides in an alternating pattern. These zig-zags will provide an area for debris inside of the drain to latch onto the cable tie. This will allow you to pull out the clogging debris relatively easily. However, just be warned that the smell will likely be very bad. This means that you may want to wear a mask and turn on the ceiling fan or open the windows to ventilate. It also doesn’t hurt to add an air freshener to the vicinity. For more great tips to save you time and money, watch the remainder of the video.


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